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What is ASP?
A great place to start:

Whether you are new to Affect Script Psychology or looking for a cogent synopsis, these two pieces will provide you with excellent introductions to the theory.

"Prologue to the New Release of Tomkins's Affect Imagery Consciousness"   by Donald L. Nathanson, MD

"A Primer of Affect Psychology" by Vernon C. Kelly, Jr., MD

Interested in learning more?

More comprehensive introductions to Affect Script Psychology can be found in these two books:

Demos E. V. (1995). Exploring affect: The selected writings of Silvan S. Tomkins. Cambridge, England, New York, and Paris: Cambridge University Press.

Nathanson D.L. (1992). Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the Self. New York: Norton.

For an intensive learning experience with an in-depth reading of Tomkins's Affect Imagery Consciousness and related materials, please contact us about our system of Study Groups.

 Prologue to the New Release of Affect Imagery Consciousness

2008, Donald L. Nathanson, MD, Founding Executive Director Emeritus of the Tomkins Institute, encouraged Springer Publishing to re-release Tomkins's Affect Imagery Consciousness.

though Springer had reworked the original 4-volume masterpiece into an attractive 2-volume set, they realized that the sheer density of Tomkins's writing caused many to avoid his work.

They asked
Dr. Nathanson to write a prologue that would trigger new interest, inspiring more people to purchase the books and take the plunge into affect script psychology. With permission from Dr. Nathanson, that prologue is reproduced here in its entirety. It is a helpful summary of Tomkins's far reaching, visionary approach to human motivation and consciousness.

You can download a pdf copy of the prologue by clicking here.

 A Primer of Affect Psychology

Dr. Kelly was the Institute's first Training Director and is currently serving as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has taught affect psychology to students, colleagues, patients, friends and family since the early 1980's. For his book-in-progress, Shame: Will it Save or Ruin Your Marriage?, he decided it was essential that he convert the basic features of his verbal presentations into a written Primer of Affect Psychology. He believed his readers would benefit from a better understanding of the evolutionary purpose and biological origins of the innate affects. With permission from Dr. Kelly the Primer is reproduced here in its entirety. You can download a free pdf copy by clicking below.

A Primer of Affect Psychology by Vernon C. Kelly, Jr., MD